Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Scenes from an Imaginary Movie #1

While these three drawings are for the most part portraits of Daul Kim, together they almost seem to form a scene out of a movie, a movie someone like Wong-Kar Wai could be imagined to make. Here Daul can be seen as a drifter kind of character so typical to the aforementioned writer/director, pausing during her journey in a small-town diner. The scene could linger for minutes, camera and lights loving Daul's face, with no hurry and spoken dialogue. Hmm, I think I must draw more scenes out of this imaginary movie...!

The first picture took several attempts to get it right, to be both a bit intimidating and whimsical. Seen here is the 5th and hopefully the best version of the same picture. I hope no one gets offended by the added cigarette instead of a French fry in the second picture but the scene the way I imagined it called for it.


b for bhisan said...

i am really really really impressed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

i love this, thank you for paying hommage to Daul!